The DriveJapan.info website was conceived by Walter L. Keats, president of Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd., a tour company based in the Chicago suburbs. Walter has visited Japan dozens of times over several decades since 1972, and he has driven on many of those visits. These experiences motivated him to develop a website that would make it easy for local residents (Japanese and ex-pats), ex-pats throughout East Asia, repeat visitors, and even first-time visitors to Japan to experience the beauty and excitement of less traveled areas of Japan.

The site is designed as a free service for people interested in driving in Japan as a way to experience life in Japan outside the major cities. Any data collected is used only to understand where visitors are from and their interests in order to update the website to better match users interests/languages, etc. Users personal data will never be sold or passed on.

Over the coming few months and years more and more itineraries will be added to this website, from all over Japan. Feel free to send us recommendations for memorable road trips that should be added. We will also be adding additional language choices, starting with Japanese.

Contact Info:
c/o Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd.
P. O. Box 350
Kenilworth, IL 60043-0350 USA
Tel: 1-847-251-6400
Email: info at drivejapan dot info

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